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Supporting Children’s Eyes

From a young age, children’s eyes need attention to ensure they’re working as they should. Bringing your child in for regular eye exams is the best way to support their visual abilities. 

During children’s eye exams, we’ll identify any vision and eye issues. If we find anything that needs to be corrected or managed, we’ll discuss options with you and your child. 

Support your child’s eyes and vision from a young age with regular eye exams.

Vision & Learning

As children grow and develop, they rely heavily on their vision to assist them in understanding new processes and ideas—80% of what children learn is visual. When your child is young, they may not be able to identify vision issues since they don’t have a baseline of clear vision to compare it to. 

To help your child identify vision problems early, look out for the following early warning signs

  • Squinting 
  • Having trouble reading the blackboard 
  • Sitting too close to the TV 
  • Experiencing headaches 
  • Rubbing their eyes often 
  • Complains about eye discomfort

When Should Children Visit?

As your child’s eyes develop, they need to be monitored at certain milestones and ages.

6–9 Months

Your child should have their first eye exam during this time. This exam is one of the most important as it’s our first look at your child’s vision and eye health. We’ll perform simple tests during this eye exam and check for issues such as crossed eyes or lazy eyes.

The second eye exam should take place before your child goes to preschool. This exam ensures everything works as it should and that your child receives any vision and eye help they need to be set up for academic success.

Once your child is in school, they should visit us for yearly eye exams. Think of these exams as part of your child’s back-to-school preparation. Every year we’ll test for vision issues and potential eye diseases. These tests help us identify and correct issues early.

Book Your Child’s Next Visit

Your child’s eyes and vision deserve a high level of care. Book their next eye exam today.

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